Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for work in Alaska? If you are not a union member, you can see the job database here.

Behind only New York and Hawaii, Alaska has the 3rd highest union density in the United States. We have approximatly 68,000 union members, with about 23% of Alaska's workforce being union.

Because politicians make and un-do laws that concern workers.

Simple answer - with Right-to-Work (For Less), someone who works at a union job would not be forced to pay their union dues. While that sounds like a great deal for many, what eventually happens is not a good deal at all!

Even if that worker is no longer paying dues, the union is still forced by law to represent that worker. When workers stop paying their dues, it weakens the ability of the union effectivly represent their members which results in not only weaker unions but lower wages and working conditions.

When unions are gone, who do you think looks out for your job safety, benefits and wages? You can read more about Right-to-Work (For Less) here.