March 2014 Legislative Update

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Obama Calls for Road Map to Citizenship

Labor shares it's thoughts on Obama's citizenship plan.

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A Rare Partnership

The US Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO on Immigration Reform.

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OSHA & Temp Employees

What will it take to give teeth to OSHA & security for temporary employees?

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Month of Guns 2013!

It's that time again! The 2013 Month of Guns Raffle has begun! In the month of November, we will begin drawing tickets and each day someone will win a gun. The catch?

Raising Alaska's Minimum Wage

It's about time, don't you think? We have to agree. The Alaska AFL-CIO was behind an increase for Alaska's workers back in 2001 and we will never not support these increases. So it's 2013 - now what?

Thanks to Sen. Begich on Helping Fix Social Security!

We want to thank Senator Mark Begich on his proposal to fix the gap in Social Security benefits. He has introduced the Social Security Fairness Act.

Court Ruling "Radical and Unprecedented"

A panel of Republican-appointed judges, including one who has, according to Think Progress, previously suggested that all business, labor and Wall Street regulation is constitutionally suspect, ruled that President Obama’s 2012 recess appointments of three members to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) are invalid. Senate Republicans had been blocking confirmation votes on the three before the president's action.

Senator Egan Re-introduces Pension Bill

— A Juneau senator has reintroduced legislation that would let public employees opt in to a traditional pension program.

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