The Alaska AFL-CIO has made it's endorsement for Alaska's Governor

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Stop the Closure!

Call your Representative today!

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Alaska Named One of the Top 5 Most Dangerous States to Work

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Workers Memorial Day 2014

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Alaska Named One of the Top 5 Most Dangerous States to Work

Anchorage – According to a new report released by the AFL-CIO, Alaska had the third worst workplace safety record of all states in 2012. This analysis, based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows that 31 Alaskan workers lost their lives due to on-the-job injuries.

HB 384 is Not the Way to Raise the Minimum Wage!

The Alaska AFL-CIO and it's members have been doing something extraordinary - asking the state Legislature to not raise the minimum wage.

This Labor Day Alaska’s Labor Movement Prepares for November Battles

Working people standing together across Alaska are ready for what will be the most important election for the middle class in Alaskan history.  Through the leadership of the Alaska AFL-CIO, which represents over 60,000 members, the labor movement is equipped to make a huge impact in the direction our state is heading.

Anchorage Municipal Election Update

Recently, some members of the Anchorage Assembly did their best to spoil the upcoming election for Anchorage’s citizens. The first bit of shenanigans came from Assemblyman Chris Birch from South Anchorage. His plan was to move the entire election from April to November, under the guise of saying it has a much better turnout. The fact that November has a higher turnout is true, but how Mr. Birch went about this was devious.

2013 Month of Guns Winners!

Click the link to see the winners for the 2013 Month of Guns. If you see you name here, we will be contacting you to let you know your next steps!

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