Local Issues

The Alaska AFL-CIO diligently follows policy actions that affect working Alaskans and their families.


One of the important services the Alaska AFL-CIO provides its affiliated organizations is legislative and political advocacy in the State Legislature and Congress. As with collective bargaining, by joining forces and speaking with a united voice on working families issues, we have more impact.

Every year, the Alaska AFL-CIO and its delegates fly to Juneau at the beginning of the legislative session to talk about what matters to our members and all workers across the state.

We will also send out legislative alerts when we see a piece of legislative that affects working people and encourage everyday Alaskans to make their voices heard.

The Alaska AFL-CIO puts out a weekly hot sheet of legislation we are following during the session. Click the button above to get the latest version.

Statement from Pres. Vince Beltrami on a Comprehensive Fiscal Plan for Alaska

President Beltrami provided testimony to the House Finance Committee on May 3, 2017 regarding a fiscal plan:

President of the Alaska AFL-CIO, Vince Beltrami

President of the Alaska AFL-CIO, Vince Beltrami

"As you all know too well, we have an approximately $3 billion budget deficit. The AFL-CIO has been involved in an effort over the past year and a half called The Alaska's Future Coalition. Full disclaimer: I am not here representing the Coalition. However I'd like to read the mission statement of that group, which includes Alaska's largest businesses, native corporations, unions, and former elected officials from both parties:

The Mission of Alaska's Future is to support the development of a stable and sustainable fiscal plan that will allow the Alaska economy to grow and thrive . . . "


Municipal and Borough News

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