What's Happening Now

April 28, 2016: Workers' Memorial Day

Commissioner of Labor Heidi Drygas and Mayor of Anchorage Ethan Berkowitz joined the Alaska AFL-CIO and community members to commemorate Workers' Memorial Day at the Fallen Firefighters Memorial in downtown Anchorage.

Commissioner Drygas spoke about her department's work in investigating negligence that led to the tragic deaths of Alaskan workers this year. Mayor Berkowitz talked about efforts to make workplaces in the city safer for all workers.

President Vince Beltrami closed the event with the following well-known Mother Jones' quote:

"While we mourn for the dead, we fight like hell for the living."

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April 21, 2016: House Finance is hearing HB 379, a bad bill dropped at the last minute that freezes merit pay and step progressions for state employees. Take action now to tell legislators that you oppose this bill!

April 18, 2016: Month of Guns' tickets are now available. Please contact our office at 907-258-6284 for more information and to get your ticket.

February 10-11, 2016: The Alaska AFL-CIO is in Juneau this week. President Vince Beltrami honored RPEA member Sam Trivette for his years on the ARM board defending public employees. Thank you for your service, Sam!

The Alaska AFL-CIO has joined the Alaska's Future Coalition. Learn more here.

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