The Alaska AFL-CIO has made it's endorsement for Alaska's Governor

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Stop the Closure!

Call your Representative today!

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Alaska Named One of the Top 5 Most Dangerous States to Work

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Workers Memorial Day 2014

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Alaska's Raising Wages

20 states will be raising the minimum wage this year. Alaska's wage didn't go up on the 1st but will in February - and we aren't the only ones.

The 2014 Month of Guns Winners!

Winners of the 2014 Month of Guns!

Nov. 1 - John McGonnell - North Pole - #18 - Bushmaster 223 M4 A2 16"
Nov. 2 - John Lewis - Anchorage - #298 - Ruger 30-06 22" BLK/Lam SS Matte
Nov. 3 - Shane Powers - Fairbanks - #152 - Browning XBOLT 300 WM 26"

Let's say NO to AO 37!

Happy 79th Birthday to Social Security!

Today, working people from across America will take a moment to celebrate the 79th birthday of Social Security. 

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