The Alaska AFL-CIO

The Alaska AFL-CIO, established in 1943, is the state's largest labor organization, representing 60,000 union members belonging to over 50 affiliated unions statewide. We also strive to represent the interests of workers not represented by unions.

My union has saved my job more than once. Without the union, I have no rights at my job.
— Veda Press
Veda Press, proud member of UNITE-HERE, Local 878

Veda Press, proud member of UNITE-HERE, Local 878

Mission and Vision

The establishment of this State Body through the merger of the American Federation of Labor
and Congress of Industrial Organizations is an expression of the hopes and aspirations of the
working people of Alaska.

We seek the fulfillment of these hopes and aspirations through democratic processes within the
framework of our constitutional government and consistent with our institutions and traditions.
At the collective bargaining table, in the community, in the exercise of the rights and responsibilities
of citizenship, we shall responsibly serve the interests of all American people.

We pledge ourselves to the more effective organization of working men and women; to the
securing to them of full recognition and enjoyment of the rights to which they are justly entitled;
to the achievement of ever higher standards of living and working conditions; to the attainment of
security for all the people; to the enjoyment of the leisure which their skills make possible; and to
the strengthening and extension of our way of life and the fundamental freedoms which are the
basis of our democratic society.

We shall combat resolutely the forces which seek to undermine the democratic institutions of
our nation and to enslave the human soul. We shall strive always to win full respect for the dignity
of the human individuals whom our unions serve.

With divine guidance, grateful for the fine traditions of our past, confident of meeting the challenge
of the future we hereby establish and formulate the Alaska AFL-CIO and enact the foundation
of our Constitution that will unite all Alaska labor as one organization under the trade union
system of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.