Alaska Government Shutdown: What’s at Stake?

If the Legislature does not pass an operating budget by July 1st that the Governor does not choose to veto, State Government shuts down. What does this mean to all of us?

  • Issuance of subsistence and drawing permits for hunting may not occur, which leads to a loss of cultural and economic opportunities.

  • Hatchery operations could close, threatening 2.5 million fish.

  • Operation of state shooting ranges could cease.

  • The Alaska Marine Highway may close, stranding residents and tourists and threatening food security.

  • Construction projects could be halted, causing stress to our workers and travelers.

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  • The backlog in the court system could grow, affecting cases that require analysts for testimony.

  • Recruitment and retention of public safety officers is hindered due to fiscal uncertainty.

  • Workers’ compensation cases would not be handled, causing injured workers to suffer longer.

  • Alaska Vocational Technical Center would be closed.

  • Mechanical inspections that protect public safety and worksite inspections that ensure safe working conditions could not occur.

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  • Road and bridge maintenance may be put on hold.

  • 720 public facilities may not be maintained during a closure.

  • Background checks necessary for employment would not occur.

  • The Sex Offender Registry would not be updated during the shutdown.

  • Victim service program operations would not receive grant money, hindering important functions of those programs.

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What Can You Do?

Call your legislator and ask them to pass an operating budget now to keep Alaska open for business!